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Your hair doesn’t define you, but it can often become a staple part of who you are, helping to shape and form your identity.

You can’t beat it, it’s unmatched! That feeling, that satisfaction
when your hair is done. It’s healthy, it's soft,  it's silky, it's hydrated. Hair is interpersonal, we
connect with ourselves, but also other people because of it. Your hair can often tell a story, a form of expression for some, resistance for others; a universal
connection that brings communities together. Your hair is like your crown, wear it proudly,
wear it confidently. When your hair looks good, you feel good. Your confidence is restored
and you’re ready to take on the world again. An expression of beauty and of self
through hairstyles has been a long-standing signature of black culture and is a universal
experience bridging the gaps between the diaspora across the world.

Cola Waves was established in 2018 by dedicated CEO Cola; who in his earlier years in
University found it hard to locate reliable and reputable sellers of hair care products for
black cultural styles. Cola set out with the mission to provide high quality hair care
products catering to black cultural styles in the most efficient and accessible manner for all
customers across the globe. From that inception, Cola Waves was formed.

Cola Waves is the next generation of hair care products, made for the culture, by the
culture. Home of all hair care essentials, here at Cola Waves, you have the opportunity to
take care of your hair the best way, the Wavy Way.

Cola Waves.
More than just haircare.

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